Our story


With inspiration from the documentary “Livet mellem husene” the mission with our project is to explore the urban spaces of Berlin. The theory behind is that the architecture, the buildings and art in Berlin make unique space areas which bring people together and in genreal bring the city to life. We will visit different urban spaces in Berlin and explore and discover how these spaces are used in different areas of Berlin.

The A team. Here at Viktoriapark in Kreuzberg. One of the best viewpoint in Berlin.

The project

Our project is inspired by Jan Gehl’s theory on how archtecture and street constructions create life between the buildings.


Kreuzberg is an area full of life and culture. A big part of the citizens in this area is Turkish immigrants, which reflects on the many types of food you can try there. In the area around Bergnmannstraße and Oranienstraße you will find a lot of cafés and bars. Theese areas attract a lot of – especially young – people. We visited Bergmanstraße to find out why this particular street is so popular.





Here we are at Bergnmannstraße, browsing around and exploring the life and cosy atmosphere at Kreuzberg. People having deeper conversations.





Kreuzberg is from everyone – young as old. Street musicians can be heard overall.




Details are all around Kreuzberg. Local people are good making initiatives by them selves.







In Kreuzberg you will also find a beautiful viewpoint. It is located in the middle of Viktoriapark. We went to the park to get a good view over Kreuzberg and to see an other and more colourful urban space.





One of the most popular shopping streets in Berlin is Tauentzienstraße. Of course the many shops attracts people, but the big busy street is not an obvious place to reside.







East side Gallery

IMG_2629East Side Gallery is a segment of the Berlin Wall, that has been turned into the longest open-air gallery in the world. It is located at Mühlenstraße in Friederichshain-Kreuzberg. Right after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, 118 artists from 21 different countries painted the gallery.

The diversity in artists is to show and comment on the political events that took place in 1989 and 1990. We explored both sides of the wall to capture the different urban space. To show how both sides of the wall are being used today.



IMG_6821Berlin Mitte is the historical heart of Berlin. It is the center of the city. Many of the main sights are located in the Mitte area. Here the beautiful TV-Tower in mitte Berlin.






Alexanderplatz is the main sqaure. It is clear to see that Alexanderplatz is a public square. Despite recent attempts to make the square more attractive, Alexanderplatz is still a concrete island enclosed by large buildings and can come across as rather soulless.






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